برامج الثانوي لدراسة العلم العربي والعلم الإسلامي ( For Arabic and Islamic programs only).

                                     الأول الإعدادي (Jss 1)

                                     الثاني الاعدادي. (Jss 2)

                                     الثالث الاعدادي. (Jss 3)

                                       الأول الثانوي. (Sss 1)

                                       الثاني الثانوي. (Sss 2)

                                       الثالث الثانوى. (Sss 3)

Adult programs ( Key stages 4-6).

                                           الابتدائي  Key stage 1

                                        فصل الاول الابتدائي Year 1

                                       فصل الثاني الابتدائي. Year 2

                             الابتدائي الواسطي. LOWER KEY STAGE 2

                                       فصل الثالث الابتدائي. Year 3

                                        فصل الرابع الابتدائي. Year 4

                         فصل الابتدائي الأعلى. UPPER KEY STAGE

                                       فصل الخامس الابتدائي Year 5

                                      فصل السادس الابتدائي. Year 6

فصول الروضة Preparatory classes and Nursery classes

فصل التمهيدي         Prep 1 (age 2 -3)

فصل الاول التمهيدي. Nursery 1( 3 - 4)

فصل الثاني التمهيدي. Nursery 2 (4 - 5) years

Short courses دورات قصيرة

Qur'aan and Tajweed course 

Arabic Language and Linguistics

Islamic Laws and principles

About us

This is Bintu Khuwaylid Schools

Welcome to Bintu Khuwaylid Schools, Bintkhuwaylid (for short) is a faith based, coeducational,Tahfidh and bilingual open homeschool where critical,creative thinkers and problem solvers are groomed. Our aim is that all children memorize the Qur'an in its entirety and also able to convers in Arabic and English fluently within the span of primary school years. We teach Islamic values and ethics with habits of mind, raising a total child with astute meta cognition who are able to intuitively blend in any society they find themselves in the world not compromising their Islamic principles and values leading in every sphere of life and are positive influencers. We balance Islamic education with secular education using the Saudi,British and Nigerian Curricula. Our Arabic and secular education teachers are ever learning, enthusiastic content experts ,great listeners and communicators , committed,flexible and kind hearted and fun to be with. We impart knowledge, encourage and impact actions grooming vicegerents for the world . At bintu khuwaylid,we believe every child has/her uniqueness to learning and we consequently work tirelessly to bring out the best in every child.we believe that every child is academically intelligent if handled by a listening teacher who is able to be in the minds of learner. with a focus on dependability, customer service and uniqueness.

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